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Q: What is Sports Massage?

A: Sports massage is a type of massage that is specifically tailored to sporting injuries or ailments. It is not meant to be a relaxing massage and, indeed, can become quite vigorous at times. Contrary to its name, sports massage is not only utilized by professionals sports people but by people that exercise heavily.

Q: When is the best time for a massage?

A: Athletes are often confused about the best time to get body work. Right before a race? A week before the big event? A few hours after you cross the finish line? Or should you wait a few days?

In general athletes should get a tough, deep tissue massage three days to a week before a race or big event. Some athletes know their body so well they get deep tissue get off the table and then go on and compete.

Right after a competition is a great time to get a massage. But you must make sure it’s not vigorous. It should be more of a relaxing massage to calm your tight muscles.

Q: What is Therapeutic Massage?

A:Therapeutic massage is the skillful manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to achieve the goal of relieving pain and discomfort, muscle spasms, relieve stress, and to promote general health and well-being. Massage therapists usually apply pressure with their hands, but they can also use their forearms, fists or elbows. There are at least 80 different types of massage. Some are gentle, and some are very active and intense.

Q: Will the massage be painful?

A: Some pain or discomfort may or may not be experienced during the session. Pain is an indication of an area that may need more work. If there is excessive pain, be sure to let your therapist know. Techniques can be varied to avoid excessive pain. The massage therapist may use oil or lotion, which reduces drag on the skin while performing the massage strokes. If you’re allergic to oils or lotions, tell your massage therapist before your massage begins. Remember to breathe normally.


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