May 13, 2017

Frank is great at what he does! He is detail oriented and observant. He very quickly diagnosed the source of my dysfunction and the movement patterns and structural imbalances causing my chronic pain. Frank is super knowledgeable and passionate about anatomy and physiology. In addition, he has the knowledge, experience, and ability to employ a variety of techniques and modalities to get at the root of the issue. Frank’s enthusiasm for his subject and practice is ever present… He is quick to research and further his understanding on a client’s behalf. He clearly loves and cares deeply about what he does. This passion has created a wonderful teacher who shares his wealth of knowledge readily which, in turn, gives some power (as well as responsibility) back into the hands of his clients. I am always treated with compassion, respect and just a touch of humor. This combination has allowed for a relaxed and productive working relationship. I trust Frank and highly recommend his services.