July 20, 2016

When I found Frank I was at the peak of frustration and discouragement about a numbing/pain sensation in my right leg that was keeping me from running and participating in my favorite activities. I spent about 2 minutes describing my symptoms to him over the phone. He asked me a series of questions that immediately indicated he knew what he was talking about and more importantly, knew how to help. He even knew (without my telling him) that my socks had been oddly feeling too tight for a while!

I had gone to doctors and chiropractors who told me after multiple visits that they didn’t know what the problem was. When I described my numbing sensation, they looked at me quizzically. Frank knew what the problem was in two minutes (probably less, but he was nice enough to let me finish telling my story!).

After my first session, I started feeling better and my leg continues to improve. Frank was able to immediately (we were still in the parking lot!) point out several easily correctable issues with my posture. He also gave me exercises that have really helped alleviate my symptoms. And he referred me to a doctor who actually knows how to deal with sports injuries!

I’ve only known Frank for a short time but the amount of relief both physically and mentally that he has provided is enormous. The mental weight of not knowing what was wrong with my leg and having to go day by day worrying whether I would be able to run that day was very distressing. If you are someone who loves to run, you know what I mean. Most simply put, Frank took care of me…and he continues to. Needless to say, I couldn’t recommend him more highly.